This is a demanding position that requires a “corporate” hardworking mindset, strong problem-solving skills, and compassion and ability to work with people from all over the world. As Head of Teacher Success, you will be responsible for the success of all our teachers. Some things you’ll do include:

  • Work directly with the founder of our company, and others on our executive team in a fast-paced, goal-based environment.
  • Own our teachers’ (employees) performance success. If a teacher has a problem, we give you the responsibility of fixing the problem. If a teacher is successful, you’re a big reason for their success.
  • Meet frequently with teachers. We currently have about 40 teachers. You will meet with each one, at a minimum, once per month. New teachers need more frequent meetings. Any problems that arise often require you to meet with a teacher. Our teachers are from all over the world, from Africa to Europe to Latin America!
  • Help hire, and train, new teachers.
  • Learn how to use basic data analytics, graphs, and some basic statistics to keep track of teacher performance
  • Help develop new training modules for our teachers, as we discover what problems exist and attempt to solve those problems.
  • Use leading-edge software in your daily work!

This is a demanding, but rewarding, position. Some qualities we are looking for in applicants:

  • Hardworking, self-starter. We are a small team that is very busy, so you’ll need to be capable of taking control of a project and ensuring its success.
  • Great teamwork. You’ll also be working on a team that we call our “Teacher Success” team. You’ll often lead the meetings of this team; you’ll need to be able to effectively work with different personalities of people from all over the world.
  • Be capable of working in a fast-paced, goal-oriented corporate environment. We set very difficult goals for ourselves! You will often fail to reach the very difficult goals, and that is ok. We don’t set easy goals. We iterate and set more difficult goals, and continue working. If you are familiar with the OKR goal setting framework, that’s a plus.
  • Handle a high-pressure environment. You’ll work directly with the founder of our company, and be responsible for important company goals. You’ll need to be ok with sometimes “failing” at reaching these difficult goals! As mentioned earlier, if you have experience with OKR goal setting (popularized at Google) you are familiar with this process. As we grow and reach our long-term goals, as we did in 2020 you’ll see the success of this process.
  • Have fun, even with difficult work! Most of our executive team are teachers that are passionate about educating people, and trying to have fun while doing so.

Structured Pay Raises Based on Company Perfomance

In addition to your starting pay, you will receive structured pay raises based on our company's performance. If our company continues to grow, you will continue to receive pay raises.

Hours & Availability

This is a full time position. There is a lot of flexibility, in that you are able to take time off as and whenever needed, within reason. We all work remotely from home, and value work flexibility! For this position, you will generally need to be available during the week, during regular working hours.